Maxitherm Duct Insulation

Maxitherm is a Thinsulate® material which is resistant to damp and water ingress then covered by a strong hard wearing fabric with closed end stitching.

Tests confirm that up to 40% of the heaters output can be lost through uninsulated ducting.

By using Maxitherm, maximum heat is retained within the ducting ensuring it reaches the desired areas.

Maxitherm will increase the heating performance by reducing the heating up time, therefore giving better fuel and electrical efficiency.

It can eliminate condensation and prevent the warming of food or other heat sensitive materials stored near duct runs.

Maxitherm is not only for new installations, but as an easy to install retro fit for boats or vehicles already equipped with air heating systems.

Typical applications where heat loss can be considerable in winter months are under vehicle ducting or unheated void and bilge areas in boats.

It is available in both tube and wrap versions, the later being secured with popper studs along its length for easy fit to existing installations.

Maxitherm is available in 750mm & 1500mm lengths and in four sizes to suit 50mm to 125mm ducting.  Maxitherm kits are available to match every standard Eberspächer marine air kit.