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Lifos 200ah LiFePO4 12V Lithium Battery

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The NEW Lifos 200 Lithium Phosphate battery is the ideal solution for marine and caravan power banks. With a 90% discharge rate, you can consistently use 180ah of 12V electricity to power fridges, lighting, heating and many more appliances.

Over its lifetime, the Lifos Go 200 is vastly cheaper to run than a traditional lead acid or AGM battery. At 50% depth of discharge, a quality AGM battery (£600) will give you 1000 cycles, whereas the Lifos Go is rated at 5000 (£1,800). This means that the cost per cycle is 60p for an AGM and 36p for the Lifos Go. That’s a 66% saving, plus the benefit of being able to continue your discharge up to 90%.

Every battery comes inbuilt with a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to monitor your power bank remotely on the free app. Download the app for Android and IOS.

Check the downloads below for the data sheet.


SKU KLEL20363Manufacturer Part Number Lifos Go 200ah

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