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Eberspacher EasyStart Pro TP7.1 Timer Controller

£125.75 inc VAT

Suitable For:

25.2720 M2 D4L 12V, 25.2721 S2 D2L 12V, 25.2726 S2 D2L 24V, 25.2729 M2 D4L 24V, 25.2912 HS3 D5E 12V, 25.2913 HS3 D4E 12V, 25.2933 HS3 D4E 12V, 25.2934 HS3 D5E 12V

Eberspacher EasyStart Pro timer suitable for new style heaters. Controller has automatic altitude adjustment and diagnostic function. Comes complete with mounting plate, adhesive mounting pad and electrical connections. Controller is not compatible with old style airtronic heaters.

SKU KLEB12580Eberspacher Number 22.1000.35.2200Eberspacher Number V2 221000352200

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