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Eberspacher 801 Diagnostic Modulator Controller

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Suitable For:

25.2069 D2 12V, 25.2070 D2 24V, 25.2113 D4 12V, 25.2114 D4 24V, 25.2361 D5 12V, 25.2362 D5 24V, 25.2484 D4+ 12V, 25.2498 D4+ 24V

Eberspacher 801 diagnostic modulator control. Does not include a timer function. This includes a wired plug, and is the direct replacement for the now obsolete 29.2100.81.0003/292100810003 controller with the plug loose.

Update: This product is no longer manufactured. Please enquire for alternative controller options.

SKU KLEB11732Manufacturer Part Number 29.2100.81.0103Manufacturer Part Number V2 292100810103

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