Leisure Marine – Eberspacher Water Heating

Krueger water heating systems will not only keep the interior of your boat warm and dry, it will allow you to have continuous domestic hot water whilst at sea. Water systems allow for the use of water/air heat exchangers (fan matrix units) for which temperature can be adjusted individually.

Every boat is different and therefore our systems are designed individually. Please see below for heating guidelines specific to boat type and size.  This will give you an idea of what heating system is suitable for your boat and the specifications of the heater itself.  Feel free to contact us for a tailored quotation for a water heating system. We can supply systems for fit during build or to be fitted retrospectively so it’s never too late for comfort!

Water heating advantages

  • Domestic water
  • Small diameter pipelines
  • Individual temperature adjustment for fan matrix units
  • Engine preheating
  • Low maintenance

Please see below for water heating guidelines specific to your application.

Boat Length(ft) 19 22 26 29 32 36 39 42 45 49 52 55 59 62 65 68 72
Hydronic 4
Hydronic 5
Hydronic M10
Hydronic M12
Hydronic L16
Hydronic L24/30/35

Fan Matrix Units

We offer a comprehensive selection of various output fan matrix units in both ducted and non-ducted versions.  Each unit can be thermostatically speed controlled allowing accurate temperature control in all areas requiring heating.

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Leisure Marine - Air Heating

Installation example, Eberspacher Hydronic and calorifier are installed in the engine bay with fan matrix units in the heads, cabins, galley, saloons and cockpit.